Geico Help? Why is Geico auto insurance so much cheaper than other auto insurance companies? I just got a quote from Geico for under $400 per 6 months, while the closest competitor quote $600+


no one company is the “cheapest” in every situation. If you find in your unique circumstances GEICO at $200/6 months less expensive… good on you.

However despite what your question implies… the same result does not fall on everyone.

Why? Because the Auto Insurance marketplace is extremely competitive. The free(est) market systems in the world (US and Canada) allow numerous carriers to vie for your business based on price, coverage and service.

Consumers win in the free market. Free enterprise works because companies can favor those customers they think represent the ideal client.

The question assumes you are comparing same or similar coverages (and service) between carriers.

35 years of experience shows that is rarely the case.

With a 30% differential in every other company’s rates there are likely two reasons for the discrepancy:

  1. Coverages are NOT comparable
  2. Rating variables are NOT accurately reflected

If those variables are consistent… I am glad that you realized $200 in savings. The likelihood however… they are not

Geico Auto Insurance
Geico Auto Insurance